My Story In a Few Paragraphs

Born (1987) and raised in Barcelona. I am an Industrial Engineer, always involved with tech products and companies.

In 2011, upon graduation, I co-founded iomando technologies, a startup that pioneered keyless access management on mobile technologies. Which in plain English means opening doors and stuff with your phone. We built a really cool product.

After four years fully committed at iomando, in 2015, I decided to switch gears and pursue another passion of mine: education. That is why I joined the Ironhack crew, to change the way we learn about technology.

From time to time, I share some thoughts and ideas in the blog, but I devote almost all my free time to read books, learn new stuff and build, mostly, useless things.

Right now I am enrolled in the Data Analyst Nanodegree at Udacity, which by the way is amazing, and I am also learning serious JavaScript on the side.

Other Irrelevant Things

  • I have strong opinions on happiness, simplicity and owning stuff.
  • Before I use any product I always inspect the settings menu.
  • I eat paleo and run marathons every now and then.
  • I tend to think small, enjoy the details.
  • Any mindless activity gets much better by listening to a podcast.
  • I do not like to travel, I truly believe it is overrated, but I am open for discussion.

Find Your Way Around the Place

First of all, I want to apologize for the overuse of the word "I", but still I have not figured out a way to craft this front page without it.

Because you know, this website used to have a proper navigation: About, Contact, Archive, the usual suspects. For the most, it was ok. But for somebody who randomly landed here, it was unclear where to go or which content was relevant to her.

To solve the navigation problem, but at the same time, keep the place as simple as possible, I removed all those features and repacked them into this single page.

So, there is not much to it: here you can find the links to the most relevant content, while inevitably, read and learn a little bit about me and my story. And yes, this website is simple on purpose, as you can see, I like simple.

Still Not Sold on the Idea?

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