Read Better

I love reading. Books, blogs, articles, you name it. But I can’t read everything. It’s just too much. There’s so much information out there and it seems like the “factory” that produces all this great content is just getting bigger and faster.

Even if your full time job was to just read, you couldn’t begin to grasp the surface of what’s being produced at any given time. And that is a problem. Because you don’t want to waste time and you just have a (very) limited amount of time that you can devote to read the articles of the day.

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From Mobile to Web app

Last week we introduced the iomando Dashboard v1. It was a huge leap forward from our mobile app regarding management features, that our customers were demanding. Since then we've received a ton of feedback, but for the most part, it was directed to the decision of departing from mobile.

Curious, right? When all the industry seems to be shifting towards a mobile-first environment, we just made the opposite movement. So yes, it is a delivered strategy, and let me explain why we think it is for the best.

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Hard Choices

It’s been just a couple of months since we released the iomando API to the world and the adoption has been great so far. Beyond the four customers we launched with, we are already in advanced talks with more than a dozen potential partners.

So far so good, but today I wanted to share some thoughts about the unexpected consequences that derived from the release of the iomando API. Precisely, I wanted to focus on the tensions that arise when you try to simultaneously develop two products that are not perfectly aligned in their end goals.

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