Little Hacks

Our goal here isn’t to be defensive and resist our phones but to ask the question, “how can we make our home screen a livable place?” A place we can return to frequently, knowing it will respect our intentions and support our conscious use. And a place that makes room for the thoughts and concerns we want to have, and not the ones we don’t.

From time to time, I ask myself which is the single habit I can easily stick to right away, that will have the largest impact in my daily life.

For example, a few years ago I read The Miracle Morning, good book, not life changing, but still worth it. In there though, I came across what might seem like an obvious statement, but something that has radically transformed the first hours of my days.

Well, hitting the snooze button keeps us from waking with a sense of purpose. Each time you reach for that button, you are subconsciously saying to yourself that you don’t want to rise to your life, your experiences and the day ahead.

I found it interesting, and I simply tried. I just put the alarm across the room, in a place where I had to stand up in order to stop it. I have never hit Snooze once again since then. I wake up every single morning at 6:00am and I get a ton done before 9:00am. In fact, I’m writing this because of it. Trivial action, amazing impact.

The thing is that last week I read Reboot Your Phone With Mindfulness and something similar happened. I followed the tips, top to bottom, and again, transformative results. Rearranging apps, forbidding red bubbles, avoiding colors and limiting to just two screens, literally, gave me an extra hour per day. I’m more present, relaxed and sharp, just by rearranging apps on the home screen. Little hacks, with amazing outcomes.