The Best Jobs Require You To Be A People Person

To land a lucrative job today, hard skills in math and engineering, for instance, may not be enough. As technology allows us to automate more technical jobs, new research shows that people skills — communicating clearly, being a team player — matter more than ever. And women appear to be the ones capitalizing on this shift in the workplace.

Gender issues aside, everything that could be automated will be automated. That's for sure. Even in the very beginning of AI, every single repetitive, non-createive task will be automated. Machines are far better than us at doing this kind of stuff, they already are. They don't call in sick, they don't get distracted, they execute flawlessly, we can't and we won't compete in there.

I'm hopeful that the most demanded skills will shift towards what makes us most human, what differentiate us from machines. Creativity, empathy and our most defining traits as humans will be the ones that will matter, where the machines won't come closer. Our job in this scenario will be to find new jobs for the machines, and we'll need to go back to our roots in order to do that. A Renaissance, in a way.