Apple and Samsung industrial design

Is it worth the effort? For me, as a customer, knowing that Apple had the consideration and took the time and effort to align their hardware speaks to the overall quality of their work. It reassures me that the same consideration and effort were likely spent making sure not a millimeter nor milliamp of battery space was wasted, not a nanometer of die, not a gap left around the screen, or a dead zone in the capacitive sensor.

From now on, every time someone asks me "why it might be worth to pay 699€ for an iPhone" I'll redirect him to this article. It points out exactly the reasons why people that truly care about great products are willing to bet on a certain product and, sometimes, be enthusiasts about it.

And this is not (only) about aligned holes and misplaced stickers, it's about culture, passion and enthusiasm for what they've done. It's about staying true to a vision and believing that they are the ones who care the most about each piece that put out there. That, to me, is the most important value a company could hold onto and also one of the main reasons Apple is the most successful.

Because once you know the back of the fence wasn't painted, not only can you never un-know it, you can never stop wondering what else wasn't given that same care and consideration.