John Oliver: Government Surveillance

ES: What you don’t want is spies spying inside their own country. Spies are great when they are on our side, but we can never forget that they’re incredibly powerful, incredibly dangerous and if they’re off the leash, they can end up coming after us. […]

JO: No one cares, they don’t give a shit.

ES: We spied on Unicef the Children’s Fund...

JO: Sure… What was Unicef doing?

Despite the video is way off the realm of product design, it draws invaluable lessons about communication and marketing that can be applied to almost anything. First of all let me frame the conversation: I truly believe that simple and clear messaging is one of hardest things when it comes to launch a anything. This interview is an amazing lesson about how to reshape an (important) conversation that people actually don't care that much, and put it in a way that resonates with them in order to stand out across the noise.

People are busy, there's way too much information waving around to pay attention to everything. But if you reframe the conversation in order to resonate with people, if you are able to get your message out in a way that people cares about, you'll be heard. It's so hard, because you (think you) have a lot of things to say, but you need to distill it to the essence in a way that matters.

This example might be extreme, but it's revealing, too. Something as important as the surveillance program, people don't care about, they hear it, yes, but it goes away, as almost anything we hear through the day. But you put this a way that touches people, even if it's trivial, and boy what a difference it makes.