The Podcast Renaissance

I'm a long time podcast listener. It all started randomly, not on a daily basis, just for being up to date with some live shows that I couldn't catch due to the time difference. I mean, it's common sense: post it online and listen it whenever you like.

But as I discovered more and more shows, the whole idea of podcasting transitioned from a mere tool to watch / listen to stuff I couldn't catch, to a content platform to discover great content.

Why is that? First of all, the medium. Spoiler alert: I love it. I've always read random articles about radio's dead: who's gonna listen to the radio when you have TV and Internet 24/7? And from a rational point of view, it makes a lot of sense. A/V it's a leap forward from a pure technological standpoint because it adds a new dimension to the communication channel.

However (fortunately) more is not always better. I find the podcast a delight in terms of intimacy with the medium. The fact that you aren't able to "view" forces you to imagine and make up your own story, like when you are reading a book. Moreover, sometimes the "audio only" input fits perfectly while walking in the street, driving or doing something on your own.

But the magic happens when you combine this intimacy of the medium with the fact that you can accurately select the content and listen to beautifully focused discussions you identify with.  You have a sense of immersion that I'm not perceiving in other mediums, in a way, you are almost there, joining the host.

For example, I love founder histories. I can relate to them because I live through it every day. I enjoy attending to Meetups and listen to other people's stories about how they started, what challenges they faced and all these little things that happened along the road.

Now imagine having this power, the possibility to join founder histories (or whatever you like) on demand, waiting for you in your pocket. That's amazing.

I mean, you hit the street in the morning and you put on some DRT episode... WOW, you walk to work inspired by the best people in the industry! Or you're driving to a meeting, and you tune the latest episode of John Gruber's show... You just get the equivalent of 3 days of reading across tech feeds on Twitter!

I find podcasts a fantastic tool to keep up to date with all the stuff you like the most. But above all, I am absolutely grateful for the talented people that make it happen.